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Reverse Proxy Server 2: IIS back-end server

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'''Uniform Server - IIS'''
Apache is an awesome web server it . It will even run ASP applications just . Just install [ Apache::ASP] and you are ready to go. Alternatively , you could use that redundant IIS server sitting on your machine and run the appropriate ASP apps from it.
'''''IIS Server'''''
[ term paper]
HayHey! No way am I suggesting making it your main server, it . It needs putting to be put in its place and that’s as a back-end server. On the previous page you saw how easy it is to run Uniform Server as a proxy. Make the modifications to your main server and this gives you Apache and MySQL as a powerful combination , now proxy to IIS. OK , IIS sucks for anything but using ASP.Net , however at least you will have a set-up to explore.
IIS is a pain when you try to tweak it, ; have a go at setting it as a proxy server and you will get some idea what I mean. Apache does it straight out of the box. In theory you should be able to run all your servers on port 80 and bind to different IP addresses. However IIS is a royal pain and grabs everything associated with the port it’s running on and that includes every IP address on the machine.
That said it is relatively easy to change the port it runs on , however it is version specific. Below I have listed the common versions full . Full details for other versions can be found at [ Microsoft support].
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== Change IIS port ==
Change the IIS port for example 8080 using Internet Service Manager, each site must bind to port 8080.
Load your ASP apps and check that they run.
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== Vhost Set-up ==
The set-up is similar to that shown on the previous page. Edit configuration file C:\server_a\UniServer\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf\'''httpd.conf'''
Depending on your application you may need to preserver preserve host headers try . Try something like this:
Note: port 8080 If you set a different port for IIS use that
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== Summary ==

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