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I had the setting to block that have have everyone registered. They did... another problem. But do you know where i can get the settings for tat again? It got lost when i was updating... at least that will reduce them... I wonder if they have captcha for MediaWiki. MrX, i will see you in the IRC when am stable. Am currently going through a lot plus housing. Things are hard right now so just maintaining. --[[User:Olajideolaolorun|Olajide]] 09:31, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
Olajide, [ this page] shows you a lot of information about how to prevent spam. It says that forcing people to register isn't a good solution. It also tells us that the captcha extension is called [ ConfirmEdit] :) <br />
I'll be waiting for you on IRC, hope things get better soon.


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