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Olajide, the protection log is growing especially since we started to protect those pages ''created/started'' by the spam bots, and they're picking a new page (which they have to do so after we've protected the old page they created) to create every few weeks. So, do we just continue doing that and end up with many empty pages that are protected, or do we make it mandatory for those editing pages to register themselves first, or do we start banning those spam bot IPs and hoping that they don't get new ones? Another interesting thing is that the spam bots, although from different IPs, all edit the same page and from what I see, most of the time, they bring the same text with their edits (at least, on the same page), so it's like bot 1 edits with text 1 then bot 2 with text 2 then bot 3 with text 3 then bot 1 comes and brings along with him text 1 again. Anyway, you should think of something quick before an even scarier spam bot comes and creates 10 new pages or starts replacing the existing ones with its spam :D
I had the setting to block that have have everyone registered. They did... another problem. But do you know where i can get the settings for tat again? It got lost when i was updating... at least that will reduce them... I wonder if they have captcha for MediaWiki. MrX, i will see you in the IRC when am stable. Am currently going through a lot plus housing. Things are hard right now so just maintaining. --[[Special:Contributions/|]] 09:30, 17 June 2008 (UTC)
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