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MrX, Ric is the one who compiled the Apache 2.2 Migrate. He is the developer in charge of that section of 4.0. I really havent asked him which one he used... --[[User:Olajideolaolorun|Olajide]] 03:40, 23 May 2008 (UTC)
Ok, Olajide, maybe Ric should get a custom build of it with the version reply edited out :D
Anyway, Ric, have you tested your UniCenter Python plugin to see if it would run Python programs like [[wikipedia:MoinMoin|MoinMoin]]? <br />
<RMS>Ric: I also noticed that on your New Users Python Intro page you mentioned that you like the GNU Free Document<u>ation</u> License, you do know that that's what this wiki uses, right?</RMS>


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