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Hey Ric, as MrX said, there will be no 3.6. We are maing a big jump to 4.0 from 3.5, due to most of the reason MrX also mentions ;-) lol. And umm, i am already a member of the circus. lol. Uniform Circus.. :) and yeah, everything takes time, and nothing is ever perfect, so everything is good Ric. I like what you've done so far and welcome to the Wiki. :) --[[User:Olajideolaolorun|Olajide]] 22:58, 22 May 2008 (UTC)
I guess 4.0 will get a size increase, due to the fact that the Apache 2.2 binaries Olajide will be using is compiled with VC 2008 (or VC9, released in November last year) and has OpenSSL enabled. So, we'll probably need to add the VC9 runtime(s) (unless their improvement in performance don't involve these) and OpenSSL DLLs.


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