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ANS: '''What you should do this time is go to the fridge and bribe the PC or yourself with a good mix of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. After that then have patience. If you are using Win98 or NT please note that this has been reported and we do know and are working on it. It is noted to happen on the WinNT system but has been reported on the Win98 system also. It is because the start and stop system are powered by Process32 which is a bug on those system, but notedly WinNT.'''
ANS: '''This is the second answer since this can happen for a million different reasons. For this answer go to the garage and get a hammer to hit your self yourself with and then realize that you already started the server and that is why you get the instance "already running" error.'''
ANS: '''Third answer, go and check to see if that IIS server is running or installed. If it is, uninstall it or stop it.'''
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