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'''PRO:''' <u>The server started, or "so says the CMD window" but you have an error with the W:/ drive or it does not work?</u>
'''ANS:''' Check ''First off run to the bathroom or outside and throw up on whoever you see first, and then run back in and get a hammer to smash the damn PC. Wait.... don't do that... what you should do is go and check if you have Skype or any other program that you think might be using port 80. After finding that out... disable the program or change the port if you can, and then try it again. If you still get the error, post a thread in the forum and we will reply ASAP.'' When the server fails to start properly, it also closes the W:/ drive. If the server says it starts, then the W:/ drive disapears, and your port 80 is not in use, more than likely your instal is corrupted. Backup your server (Especially the 'www' folder and your MySQL databases, 'usr/local/mysql/data'), and replace all the files with a fresh download from Make sure it works, then replace your web root and your databases.
'''PRO:''' <u>The server is not starting. I get an error about Port 80 being in used.</u>

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