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(MrX) @help register
(UniIRCBot) MrX: ('''register <name> <password>''') -- Registers <name>
with the given password <password> and the current hostmask of the
person registering. You shouldn't register twice; if you're not
recognized as a user but you've already registered, use the addhostmask
command to add another hostmask to your already-registered user, or use
the identify command to identify just for a session. This '''(1 more message)'''
(MrX) @more
(UniIRCBot) MrX: command (and all other commands that include a
(MrX) @help identify
(UniIRCBot) MrX: ('''identify <name> <password>''') -- Identifies the
user as <name>. This command (and all other commands that include a
password) must be sent to the bot privately, not in a channel.


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