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=== Choosing an IRC Client ===
You will need an IRC client like:* [ mIRC] (Win32 only, now with Unicode in v6.17)
* [ XChat] (Multiplatform)
* [ ChatZilla] (for those who have Firefox or Mozilla or Netscape)
* [ Miranda IRC Plugin] (for those who love Miranda IM)
* [ Bersirc] (Multiplatform again)* [ HydraIRC] (Win32 only)* [ Klient] (Win32 only, shareware)<!-- Well, those are the 4 main IRC clients we have seen on our channel :)-->
You can find more IRC clients [ here].
=== Registering with Freenode ===
Registering your nickname with Freenode is easy and simple. Simply typeWe recommend (for safety reasons):
/ns register <password>
You But you can also use:
/msg nickserv NickServ register <password>
To identify yourself on your next login to the IRC Server simple use, we recommend (for safety reasons):
/ns identify <password>
Or But you can also use:
/msg nickserv NickServ identify <password>
=== Channel Rules ===
# <u>Cursing</u> <br /> You are free to do whatever you want, but please keep the cursing to a minimum or you will be kicked!
<!-- # <u>Bot TamparingTampering</u> <br /> Do not mess with the bot or you will be kicked!--># <u>Bot Running</u> <br /> Do not run any kind of bot bots in this channel without permission from a op or a manager!
# <u>Stupid Questions</u> <br /> Please do not ask stupid questions that are bound to annoy others (for example, don't ask if you can ask a question)


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