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How to Install hMailServer
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On the support forum you will find Olajide recommends using hMailServer. It’s a powerful e-mail server supporting all the common protocols (IMAP, SMTP and POP3) with full support for virtual domains. Although its packed with many features you will find it easy to install and use.

During installation you have the option of using either the integral or an external MySQL server. For both develop and production I would strongly recommend using the built-in server.

There is no conflict between the two MySQL servers; Uniform Server uses standard port 3306 while hMail uses 3307 for MySQL. You may have seen references to libmysql.dll killing off Uniform Server; hMailServer has this covered, they don’t install libmysql.dll on a system path it is installed locally to the application. This avoids incorrect version being picked up by either application.

Installation is easy the following screen shots and notes take you through this process:

Download hMailServer

From the hmailserver website, download the latest stable version of hMailserver (currently 4.4.1) save to a folder of your choice.


1) Intro screen

After downloading the above installer package double click on it. This starts the install process.

Click Next

Uc hms install 1.gif

2) Select Destination

Change the installation path or use default.

I have changed drive to E, this is where I install all my programs.

Click Next

Uc hms install 2.gif

3) Select Components

Select a full or custom install.

For a new installation full recommended.

Click Next

Uc hms install 3.gif

4) Select database

Select whether to use the built-in MySQL server, or use an external database.

I would recommend using the built-in server.

Uniform Server uses standard port 3306 for MySQL while hMail uses port 3307 hence there will be no conflict.

Click Next

Uc hms install 4.gif

5) Select start folder

Change the start menu program group or use default.

Click Next

Uc hms install 5.gif

6) Confirm

Confirm your settings.

Click Install

Uc hms install 6.gif

7) Set Admin password

hMail automatically creates an "Administrator" account this requires a password.

When you connect to hMailServer this password is used.

Click Next

Uc hms install 7.gif

8) Run hMailServer

Once installation is complete, you can either choose to run hMailServer Administrator or uncheck the box.

In either case click Finish.

Uc hms install 8.gif

9) Login example

I have shown this for completeness. If you elected not to start hMailServer at step 8) you need to manually start the Administrator interface as follows:

start > All programs > hMailServer > hMailServer Administrator

you will be presented with the login screen shown on the right.

Click Connect, in the pop-up enter the admin password (set in step 7) to ligin.

Uc hms install 9.gif


That completes the installation. I cover hMailServer configuration on the next page.


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